Team Sazanami(チーム漣)
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Team Sazanami (チーム漣), is one of the five Star Teams and is led by Sazanami Sakuya.

In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they were ranked 3rd and passed on to the next test stage.

For the Ayanagi Festival, they took a slot for the Ayanagi Small Hall. They eventually got 4th and passed the final stage.

Members Edit

Kitahara Ren

北原 廉

Nanjo Koki

南條 聖

Nakakoji Haruma

中小路 春馬

Todo Hajime

東堂 創

Kozai Yuharu

香西 遊晴


Sazanami Sakuya

漣 朔也

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Trivia Edit

  • All of the members' family names have a kanji character in relation to directions.
    • Kitahara (北原) : Kita (北) - North
    • Nanjou (南條) : Minami (南) - South
    • Nakakouji (中小路) : Naka (中) - Middle
    • Toudou (東堂) : Higashi (東) - East
    • Kozai (香西) : Nishi (西) - West
  • The training attire for members of Team Sazanami comprises of a black zip hoodie with white trims on the pockets and a white line that starts at the shoulders and goes all the way down the sleeves, together with a pair of black pants. They wear a light blue T-shirt inside, with the exception of Kitahara who wears a green T-shirt and Nanjo who wears a dark pink T-shirt instead.

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