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"We do not know the way to give up our dreams-"

Team Otori (チーム鳳), is one of the five Star Teams and is led by Otori Itsuki and their team leader is Hoshitani Yuta. They also call themselves 'Stardust', space junk of the Star Teams. The members did not meet the set criteria for the audition, but Otori stated that he formed the team based on his own set of criteria. Right before the Ayanagi Festival, Otori withdrew from the Kao Council, causing the team to be demoted to a regular team and renamed to Team P(P 班).

In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they performed last. They were ranked 8th and passed on to the next test stage.

For the Ayanagi Festival, they originally took the morning slot for the Ayanagi Grand Performance Hall after losing a scissor-paper-stone match with Team Hiragi. However, after Otori withdrew from Kao Council, their performance location and time were changed to the Special Outdoor Stage at 5 PM (the same time slot as Team Hiragi).

Unfortunately, due to the storm, the outdoor stage collapsed and their performance for the Ayanagi Festival was cancelled. Their test, along with the other regular teams', was pushed to a later date and set to be judged by only the teachers and the Kao Council. Even so, Team Otori insisted on performing and did a guerrilla performance, which they called 'Stardust Musical', on the steps of the school building with the song, Seishun COUNTDOWN.

Members Edit

Hoshitani Yuta

星谷 悠太

Nayuki Toru

那雪 透


Tsukigami Kaito

月皇 海斗


Tengenji Kakeru

天花寺 翔


Kuga Shu

空閑 愁

Previous CoachEdit

Otori Itsuki

鳳 樹

List of SongsEdit

  • ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ (☆☆永遠★STAGE☆☆  ☆☆Eien★Sutēji☆☆?)[1]
  • Quintet ~Quintet~ (五重奏~クインテット~ Gojūsō ~Kuintetto~?)[2]
  • Ayanagi Show Time ~Otori Arrange Ver.~ (アヤナギ・ショウ・タイム ~鳳アレンジVer.~ Ayanagi Shō Taimu ~Ōtori Arenji Ver.~?)[3]
  • Ready→Steady→Dream![4]
  • Stardust Movement (星屑ムーブメント Hoshikuzu Mūbumento?)[5]
  • Dream・Color ~Team Otori Ver.~ (ユメ・イロ ~team鳳Ver.~ Yume・Iro ~team Otori Ver.~?)[7]
  • C☆ngratulations! ~Team Otori Ver.~ (C☆ngratulations!~team鳳Ver.~?)[8]
  • Gift ~Team Otori Ver.~ (Gift ~team鳳Ver.~ Gift ~Team Otori Ver.~?)[9]
  • Growin’ Up[10]

Trivia Edit

  • All of the members' family names have a kanji character in relation to the sky. They also reference the five troupes of the Takarazuka Revue.
    • Hoshitani (星谷) : Hoshi (星) - Star
    • Nayuki (那雪) : Yuki (雪) - Snow
    • Tsukigami (月皇) : Tsuki (月) - Moon
    • Tengenji (天花寺) : Ten (天) - Heaven
      • Although the kanji is different, Tengenji is based off of the Flower (花) Troupe.
    • Kuga (空閑) : Sora (空) - Sky
      • Although the kanji is different, Kuga is based off the Cosmos (宙) Troupe.
  • All of the members were originally from the Vocal Department.

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