Team Hiragi (チーム柊)
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"We are the STAR of STAR!"

Team Hiragi (チーム柊), is one of the five star teams and is led by Hiragi Tsubasa and their team leader is Tatsumi Rui.

In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they ranked 1st and passed on to the next test stage.

For the Ayanagi Festival, they took the afternoon slot (5 PM) for the Ayanagi Grand Performance Hall after winning a scissor-paper-stone match against Team Otori. They performed the song Caribbean Groove.

Members Edit

Tatsumi Rui

辰己 琉唯

Sawatari Eigo

申渡 栄吾


Ugawa Akira

卯川 晶


Toraishi Izumi

虎石 和泉


Inumine Seishiro

戌峰 誠士郎

Coach Edit

List of SongsEdit

  • Caribbean Groove[1]
  • Ayanagi Show Time (アヤナギ・ショウ・タイム Ayanagi Shō Taimu?)[2]
  • Star of Star! (スター・オブ・スター! Sutā Obu Sutā!?)[3]
  • C☆ngratulations! ~Team Hiragi Ver.~ (C☆ngratulations!~team柊Ver.~?)[4]
  • Dream・Color ~Team Hiragi Ver.~ (ユメ・イロ ~team柊Ver.~ Yume・Iro ~team Hiragi Ver.~?)[5]
  • Chameleon・Star! (カメレオン・スター! Kamereon・Sutā!?)[6]
  • Starship Runway[7]
  • Gift ~Team Hiragi Ver.~ (Gift ~team柊Ver.~ Gift ~Team Hiragi Ver.~?)[8]

Trivia Edit

  • All of the members, except Toraishi, have family names written with a kanji character for one of the twelve zodiac animals. Toraishi's family name, however, does include a kanji character for the word "tiger".
    • Tatsumi (辰己) : Tatsu (辰) - Dragon, fifth sign in the Chinese zodiac
    • Sawatari (申渡) : Saru (申) - Monkey, ninth sign in the Chinese zodiac
    • Ugawa (卯川) : U (卯) - Rabbit, fourth sign in the Chinese zodiac
    • Inumine (戌峰) : Inu (戌) - Dog, eleventh sign in the Chinese zodiac
    • Toraishi (虎石) - Tora (虎) - Tiger
      • If the kanji character in his family name followed the others, it would be:
        • Tora (寅) - Tiger, third sign in the Chinese zodiac.
  • All of the members were originally from the Vocal Department.

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