Team Akatsuki(チーム暁)
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Team Akatsuki (チーム暁), is one of the five Star Teams and is led by Akatsuki Kyoji.

In the Newcomers' Debut Performance, they were ranked 2nd and passed on to the next test stage.

For the Ayanagi Festival, they took a slot for the Ayanagi Small Hall. They eventually got 2nd and passed the final stage.

Members Edit

Isshiki Kanade

一色 奏

Jumonji Ryosuke

十文字 良亮

Yurino Mayu

百合野 茉優

Chigira Wataru

千木良 渉

Manjome Koji

万城目 浩司


Akatsuki Kyoji

暁 鏡司

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Trivia Edit

  • All of the members' family names have a kanji character in relation to numbers.
    • Isshiki (一色) : Ichi (一) - One
    • Jumonji (十文字) : Ju (十) - Ten
    • Yurino (百合野) : Hyaku (百) - Hundred
    • Chigira (千木良) : Sen (千) - Thousand
    • Manjome (万城目) : Man (万) - Ten Thousand
  • Comparing Jumonji's and Isshiki's cameo from Season 1, OVA and finally Season 2, there was a number of changes made to their hair colors and height difference.
  • The training attire for members of Team Akatsuki comprises of a white zip hoodie with black trims on the pockets and a black line that starts at the shoulders and goes all the way down the sleeves, together with a pair of black mid-length shorts. They wear a dark pink T-shirt inside, with the exception of Jumonji who wears an orange T-shirt and Isshiki who wears a light green T-shirt instead.
  • Jumonji's icon in the group chat is a picture of a mandarin orange.[1]

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Season 1
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