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Tatsumi Rui
Name Tatsumi Rui
Japanese 辰己 琉唯
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 172cm
Birthday 13 February
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Team Hiragi
School Ayanagi Gakuen High School Division
Ayanagi Gakuen Middle School Division (Previously)
Department Musical Department (Candidate)
Vocal Department (Previously)
Class 1-C (Season 1)


First Appearance
Manga Chapter 2: Act 2
Anime Season 1 Act 4
Anime Okamoto Nobuhiko

"You guys are shining. However......You're not an enemy of ours, for sure." - Tatsumi Rui


Tatsumi has bright blueish-green eyes and light blonde hair. His bangs are swept across the left from the middle-right. The right side of his bangs is shorter than the left.

In his school uniform, he wears a light grey hoodie over his shirt in place of the standard vest and his blazer is worn unbuttoned.

In his training attire, he wears a white zip hoodie with black trims on the pockets and a black line that starts at his shoulders and goes all the way down the sleeves. His hoodie is zipped half way and he wears a bluish-green shirt inside. He wears a pair of white pants which stop below his knee and a pair of white dancing shoes.


As the leader of Team Hiragi, Tatsumi is well respected by his peers. He is depicted as humble and kind, but still confident. He gets along with members from both Team Hiragi and Team Otori.

However, Tatsumi has also shown to have a more serious side. While he acknowledges Team Otori's potential as formidable rivals, he also reaffirms that they neither a threat nor enemies. Furthermore, he is very perceptive - he was the only one to understand that there was a reason why the members of Team Otori were chosen.


As a child, Tatsumi used to be shy and frail. Sawatari used to take care of him whenever he was sick. They attended the same middle school together (along with Nayuki and Tsukigami) and were nicknamed "Princess" and "Knight".


Nayuki Toru

The two knew each other from middle school and are able to exchange greetings to each other.

Tsukigami Kaito

The two knew each other from middle school. Tatsumi acknowledges that Tsukigami has talent as seen after the incident with Ugawa when Tatsumi apologises for the actions of his teammates.

Hoshitani Yuta

Hoshitani and Tatsumi sign for rivalry.

Hoshitani first met Tatsumi at the information session for the Newcomers' debut performance. However, the two didn't get the opportunity to exchange words. It isn't until the summer training camp at the Hiragi family villa that they have a proper conversation.

Although they are both leaders of a Star Team, they contrast vastly in terms of skills and attitudes. Tatsumi finds that because Hoshitani doesn't know many famous works, playwrights, or directors, he is pure and interesting. However, he lacks as a leader and will eventually reach his limit, especially since he can't turn to the high schooler he admires for advice. In response, Hoshitani declares that despite his shortcomings, he doesn't know a way to give up his dream. Tatsumi became even more impressed, calling Hoshitani and his team's performance wonderful and admitting that he can't deny that something about them shines. Their talk is cut short when Tatsumi is called away by Ugawa. Before he can leave the room, however, Hoshitani expresses his hope that their teams could act together again. This leads to Tatsumi reminding him that the day's earlier events were coincidental and that tomorrow, they would return to fighting for the top spot. Even so, the two end on good terms, as Tatsumi looks forward to Team Otori becoming formidable rivals.

Sawatari Eigo

Sawatari discussing with Tatsumi.

Because their families are close friends, Tatsumi and Sawatari have known each other since birth. They are childhood friends, classmates, roommates, and teammates. Sawatari used to take care of Tatsumi whenever he was sick (something that has continued years later). Sawatari believes Tatsumi is worthy of being a king. The two frequently exchange remarks with one another.

Ugawa Akira

Ugawa completely respects Tatsumi and calls him Tatsumin. He takes Tatsumi's scoldings seriously as seen when he stopped taunting Team Otori after receiving a look from him.

Although Tatsumi acknowledges that Ugawa sometimes says too much, he will still stand by him, saying he's not a bad person.


  • Tatsumi means "dragon in the Chinese zodiac" (辰) (tatsu) and "self, snake, serpent" (己) (mi).
  • Rui means "precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli" (琉) (ru) and "solely, only" (唯) (i).


  • His Zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • His overall rank for the Entrance Audition was SS.
  • He is addressed as 'Tatsumin' by Ugawa and as 'Princess-senpai' by the students of Ayanagi Academy Middle School Division.
  • He is roommates, classmates, and teammates with Sawatari.
  • His bed is the top bunk.[1]
  • He was classmates with Ageha, Tsukigami and Sawatari in the top class of the Music Department during middle school.
  • He was in the Drama Club during Middle School.
  • His icon in the group chat is a picture of the Angel Road in Shodoshima.[2]
  • He is not good at telling lies.[3]
  • He likes cooking and wants to get better at it. However:
    • His cooking has given Tsukigami nightmares since junior high;[4]
    • During Ayanagi Sports Festival, his curry poisoned Hiragi and Sazanami[5] and sent Tsukigami to the nurse's office.[6]
    • Sawatari is aware that Tatsumi's cooking is 'destructive'.[7][8] When Tatsumi tries to eat his own curry, Sawatari comments that he should not eat such a thing and that it is poison to Tatsumi's body.[9]
    • In the Official Comic Anthology, he cooks with an electric saw and explosions are involved in the kitchen.
  • In Season 1 Act 7, he breaks the chains securing the back iron gates of the Hiragi family villa by pushing the gates wide open. Season 2 Act 6 makes reference to this by showing the gates being more tightly secured than before with multiple big and heavy chains.
  • In 'AYANAGI Animal Park Series', his animal motif is the dragon.
  • In 'AYANAGI April Fools Series', he is the 'landlady' of Ryokan Hiragian. It is noted that he is banned from entering the kitchen.
  • In 'AYANAGI IF Series' post card set, he is a noble.
  • In 'AYANAGI Off shot Series', he is shown to be drinking a cup of Nayuki family's secret recipe tea and liking it, much to the worries and disbelief of Nayuki and Tsukigami.
  • Based on Season 1 Volume 4 Special Drama CD:
    • The Sawatari family had been the Tatsumi family's stewards for many generations.
    • He enrolled to Ayanagi Gakuen because he loved to sing and has been taking vocal lessons ever since he was young.
    • He says he is an average student.
    • He and Sawatari are not the kind of people who cram before exams. They review and memorize the content of their classes on the day.
    • He decided he wanted to become a musical actor because of Tsukigami Kaito. After talking to him during practice for the choral festival and understanding why Tsukigami wanted to be a musical star, Tatsumi was inspired. He tells Sawatari that he never felt more excited about anything before, and that he is going to try and become Tsukigami's equal.
    • He loves horror movies.
    • He seems to like making puns and remarks that Tsukigami would always laugh out loud at them. He made a pun about Sawatari's name when they were studying for the final exams.
  • Based on Star-Myu Q&A Volume 2:
    • The first impression that people have of him is 'quiet' or 'weak'. As a child, he was frail, but Eigo was always able to nurse him back to health.
    • He believes confidence is needed in music, especially when working hard as a team.
    • His weakness is having low blood pressure, especially in the morning.
    • He played the role of an 'exotic princess' back in his middle school's drama club. Since then, he has been called 'Princess' and was reduced to playing female roles for the school festival.
    • He prefers to move his body rather than take transportation as he is mostly indoors.
    • Because he was shy as a kid, his report book often had 'Be more cheerful, it's good to play with your friends.' written in it (however, he didn't do this during middle school).
    • He cannot forgive himself for lying to his heart.
    • The first thing he does in the morning is add water to his humidifier. Because it is left on the entire day, it decreases quickly.
    • He likes fermented food. He acquired the taste through habit.
    • He spends his day off by reading a book in his room or doing training in the lesson room. He mainly stays indoors.
    • One bad thing about himself is that he relies too much on Eigo in his private life. Their families were close friends so they have known each other since birth. They are also roommates.
    • His favourite place is his room at home.
    • He deals with stress by visualizing that his stress and fatigue are leaving his body. This helps to refresh himself.
    • He wants to go on the stage with Team Hiragi.
    • He is good at practical subjects such as music, physical education, art, and technical stuff.
    • He is not good at home economics.
    • Between sleep and meals, he choses sleep as a lack of it is bad for his body.
    • His favourite drink is roasted barley tea though he also drinks corn tea.
    • His hand is dexterous as he is good at using the sewing machine and operating an electric saw.
    • His favourite weather is sunny days though he also likes it if there is a moderate amount of clouds in the sky.
    • Last words: "Although I'm not sure of what kinds of encounters I'll have at Ayanagi Gakuen, my chest feels like it's bouncing. Let's enjoy ourselves now."
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Ne, Eigo?" (ね、栄吾? Right, Eigo??)[10]

List of Songs

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  • The Elegance (Duet with Sawatari Eigo)[11]
  • Because You're There (君がそこにいるから Kimi ga Soko ni Iru Kara?) (Duet with Hoshitani Yuta)[12]
  • Blue Sky SEASON (青空SEASON Aozora SEASON?) (with Nayuki Toru, Tsukigami Kaito and Sawatari Eigo)[13]
  • Silence Dialogue (Otori Itsuki & Tatsumi Rui) (沈黙のディアローグ (鳳樹&辰己琉唯) Chinmoku no Dialogue (Otori Itsuki & Tatsumi Rui)?) (Duet with Otori Itsuki)[14]
  • Gift ~Curtain Call~ (Gift ~カーテンコール~ Gift ~Kātenkōru~?) (with all cast members)[15]


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