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Starmyu in Halloween
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Released Date 24 October 2018
Acts Starmyu in Halloween
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Season 2 SutaMyu Volume 6
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The OVA was released on 24 October 2018. The new OVA tells the story about Hoshitani and friends on Halloween. The OVA will feature a music video for the song "Storytellers."

The opening theme is "Horizon" by Hoshitani Yuta, Nayuki Toru and Tsukigami Kaito and the ending theme is "DEAR DREAM!" by Hoshitani Yuta, Tengenji Kakeru and Kuga Shu.

Other songs in the anime will include "Pumpkin Mate♪" by Hoshitani Yuta, Tatsumi Rui, Ageha Riku and Kitahara Ren and "Wanna be Scream?" by Ageha Riku, Hachiya So, Nanjo Koki, Saotome Ritsu and Futaba Taiga.


Hoshitani and the others are given pumpkins by Futaba and Saotome in order to celebrate Halloween! The boys start decorating, cooking, and participating in spooky Halloween traditions together! That is, until Nanjo tells a spooky story! But of course, it's just a tall tale! The boys relax until... the lights go out in their building! And what's that?! Ghosts?!? Demons?!?!

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