Star-Myu in Culture Festival
Name Star-Myu in Culture Festival
Japanese スタミュ in 文化祭
Date 28 & 29 May 2016
Star-Myu in Culture Festival (スタミュ in 文化祭, Sutamyu in Bunkasai) is an event that was held on 28 & 29 May 2016, at Tokyo International Forum Hall D1. There is a total of 2 sessions, one per day. Priority tickets for the purchase of event tickets can be obtained thru a lottery. The lottery tickets can be obtained by purchasing the limited edition DVD of volume 1 (Noon Session) & 2 (Night Session). Initially, both sessions were to be held on the 29 May only.

During the event, an announcement was made for the second season to be released in Spring 2017.

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