Act 1
Romanji Dai-1-maku
Director Tada Shunsuke
Air Date
Air Date July 1, 2019
Featured Order
preceded by
followed by
Season 3 Act 2



The new semester has started and everyone is getting ready for the Ayanagi Festival. As Yuta Hoshitani practices at his favorite place, he has a mysterious encounter with new Kao Council President,Toma Shiki.

Later, as part of the new changes invoked by the new Kao Council, the second years are called upon to help move stuff into the new practice building that will be used for the first year students. After Shion Kasugano makes his predictions for Yuta, Ren, Izumi and So, chaos and comedic mayhem ensues.

The next day, Ryo Fuyusawa of the Kao Council makes a shocking announcement.Team Hiragi will no longer be participating in the class performance. As the wheel of fate has started turning, a new challenge shall arise for the next generation of musical stars.

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  • STELLAR TRAIL - Sung by Yuta Hoshitani
  • We Are Ayanagi Academy's Kao Council ~NEXT GENERATION~ - Sung by Toma Shiki, Masashi Irinatsu, Takafumi Chiaki, Shion Kasugano and Ryo Fuyusawa.


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