Season 3
S3 Main
Name Koukou Hoshi Kageki / SutaMyu
Kanji 高校星歌劇 / スタミュ
Original Plan Hinata Rin
Director Tada Shunsuke
Series Structure Harada Sayaka
Character Design Watanabe Asami
Music Ken Arai
Animation Produced by C-Station
Air Date
Start Date 1 July 2019
Koukou Hoshi Kageki (高校星歌劇 High School Star Musical?) or Star-Myu (スタミュ Sutamyu?), is a Japanese original anime television series produced by C-Station and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. Sequel to the second season, the third season was announced during the event of 「Star-Myu」Fes. 2017 and is to be broadcasted during Summer of 2019. 

The third season will continue the story from second season, and will introduce new Kaou-kai.


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