Season 2
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Name Koukou Hoshi Kageki / SutaMyu
Kanji 高校星歌劇 / スタミュ
Original Plan Hinata Rin
Director Tada Shunsuke
Series Structure Harada Sayaka
Character Design Watanabe Asami
Music Ken Arai
Animation Produced by C-Station
Air Date
Start Date 3 April 2017
End Date 19 June 2017

Koukou Hoshi Kageki (高校星歌劇 High School Star Musical?) or Star-Myu (スタミュ Sutamyu?), is a Japanese original anime television series produced by C-Station and NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. Sequel to the first season, the second season was announced during the event of Star-Myu in Culture Festival and is to be broadcasted during Spring 2017. The anime premiered in Japan on April 3, 2017. The season ended with a special encore episode consisting of all the musical scenes of season 2 compiled.

The opening theme is "SHOW MUST GO ON!!" by Fourpe(cv.urashimasakatasen)and the ending theme is "Gift" by Team Otori.

The second season will focus on Hoshitani and the others in their second year of high school.

The third season was announced to be broadcast in 2019 during 「Star-Myu」Fes. 2017 event.

Introduction Edit

"I don't know how to give up on my dreams…"

Hoshitani Yuta, who enrolled in the prestigious Ayanagi Gakuen for music entertainment, passed the first-year test to become a musical department student in his second year. However, the new school year immediately presents new trials for the returning students.

The first task on the second-year curriculum is supporting the graduation stage performance of Otori and the other graduating Kao Council members. There are five roles known as "second-year training roles" in the legendary musical Shadow & Lights.

Every year, a team of only five second-year students get to step on stage as performers in the musical. It is a great honor for the musical department students, to co-star with their respected former leaders. To earn a ticket to glory, Hoshitani and 24 other new musical department students take on the training auditions.

At that moment, the coming-of-age slapstick musical story raises the curtains once more.

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  • Episode 1 End Card
  • Episode 2 End Card
  • Episode 3 End Card
  • Epsiode 4 End Card
  • Epsiode 5 End Card
  • Epsiode 6 End Card
  • Epsiode 7 End Card
  • Episode 8 End Card
  • Episode 9 End Card
  • Episode 10 End Card
  • Episode 11 End Card
  • Episode 12 End Card
  • Episode 13 -Encore Musical Edition- End Card


  • Episode 1 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Quaver)
  • Episode 1 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Crotchet)
  • Episode 2 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Sharp)
  • Episode 2 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: G clef/Treble clef)
  • Episode 3 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Flat)
  • Episode 3 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Upper & Lower mordent)
  • Episode 4 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Coda)
  • Episode 4 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Quaver rest)
  • Episode 5 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: F clef/Bass clef)
  • Episode 5 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Release pedal)
  • Episode 6 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Common time)
  • Episode 6 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Crotchet rest)
  • Episode 7 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Natural)
  • Episode 7 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Double bar line)
  • Episode 8 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Inverted turn)
  • Episode 8 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Demisemiquaver rest)
  • Episode 9 Eyecatch 1 (Mezzo piano/Piano/Pianissimo/Pianississimo)
  • Episode 9 Eyecatch 2 (Mezzo forte/Forte/Fortissimo/Fortississimo)
  • Episode 10 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: C clef)
  • Episode 10 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Beam)
  • Episode 11 Eyecatch 1 (Musical notation: Tie)
  • Episode 11 Eyecatch 2 (Musical notation: Trill)
  • Episode 12 Eyecatch 1
  • Episode 12 Eyecatch 2

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