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Saotome Ritsu
Name Saotome Ritsu
Japanese 早乙女 律
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Birthday 9 December
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Kao Council (Previously)
School Ayanagi Gakuen High School Division (Previously)
Department Musical Department (Previously)
Class 2-MS (Previously)
First Appearance
Anime Season 2 Act 1
Anime Okiayu Ryotaro

"Haruto, that's not cool at all...... Then I'll also be going to broadway for a year too!" - Saotome Ritsu






  • Saotome means "already, now, early" (早) (sa) and "maiden" (乙女) (otome).
  • Ritsu means "law, commandment" (律).


  • His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Based on Star-Myu Q&A Volume 4:
    • People's first impression of him is beautiful.
    • He is confident in his appearance.
    • His weak point is Haruto.
    • People would call him Ricchan but will mostly call him Hime.
    • He wonders if Taiga will be taking driving lessons soon as he is waiting for him to drive him.
    • In his report book, the teachers write that he often idly looks outside of the window but it was only just him watching his reflection.
    • He cannot forgive illogical or irrational leadership.
    • He will wash his face the first thing he watches in the morning, saying that it is important for a performer to take care of his skin.
    • He likes to eat anything, particularly finger food.
    • He finds that it is important to not neglect lessons since he is in a troupe and a principal member of an ensemble.
    • He finds that being too beautiful is a bad point of him.
    • His favorite place is a castle. He actually travels to Europe and looks at castles as a hobby.
    • He usually deals with his stress by inviting a friend over to his place and complain over wine.
    • He wishes to see Haruto since he's been in New York for a while now.
    • He never mentions what subjects he is good at but he says that there are a few that he is bad at, one of them is Modern Japanese.
    • His favorite drink is wine.
    • He is dextrous, boasting on how he is similar looking to Trump Tower.
    • He would beat any weather with his beauty,
    • Last words:"Haruto- it's a shame from the bottom of my heart that we're apart, but I have no choice but to change. The sunny stage of the juniors is important for me as a commemoration, a graduate performance. Graduates like to step on a wonderful stage, I will strictly screen the second years."

List of Songs

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  • Gift ~Curtain Call~ (Gift ~カーテンコール~ Gift ~Kātenkōru~?) (with all cast members)[1]


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