Osananajimi Melancholy 2
Tsukigami Kaito, Tatsumi Rui & Sawatari Eigo
Released 22 August 2016
Produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment
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preceded by
Osananajimi Melancholy
followed by
「StarMyu」Drama CD Melancholy BOX


Osananajimi Melancholy 2 is an original drama CD which was released on 22 August 2016 as a bonus for purchasing the October Issue of Sylph.[1] It features Tsukigami Kaito, Tatsumi Rui and Sawatari Eigo.

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  1. Childhood Friend Melancholy 2 ~ Tatsumi & Sawatari Chapter (幼なじみメランコリー 2 ~辰己&申渡編~ Osananajimi Merankorī 2 ~Tatsumi & Sawatari Hen~?)[2]

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Childhood Friend Melancholy 2 ~Tatsumi & Sawatari Chapter~ (幼なじみメランコリー 2~辰己&申渡編~)



Late one night, Tsukigami hears a knock on his door. To his surprise, it's Tatsumi.  Tatsumi apologizes for coming so late at night and asks for a favor: He wants to stay in Tsukigami's room for a while.  Tsukigami sarcastically asks if he got into a fight with Sawatori.  To his surprise, Tatsumi confirms this.  Sawatori arrives, and Tsukigami tells Tatsumi to stay in his room while he goes with Sawatori.

In Sawatori and Tatsumi's room, Tsukigami asks if it's really true that the two fought.  In a flashback, Sawatori explains the events that happened earlier that evening that caused Tatsumi to go to Tsukigami's room.  Afterwards, he asks Tsukigami to take Tatsumi's pillow to him.

Tsukigami goes back to his room and gives Tatsumi his pillow, telling him that Sawatori is worried.  Tatsumi asks him if he and Kuga ever fight, or if he and his brother fought when they were younger.  He then tells Tsukigami a story of when he and Sawatori were kids.

The next morning, Tsukigami runs into Sawatori who asks after Tatsumi.  Tatsumi arrives later and apologizes to Sawatori.  Sawatori also apologizes and says it was his bad, to which Tsukigami sighs and says that that's not it.  He tells Sawatori that he heard Tatsumi's story and clears things up between the two.  Afterwards, Sawatori and Tatsumi patch things up and things go back to normal.

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