Original Plan Hinata Rin
Director Tada Shunsuke
Series Structure Harada Sayaka
Character Design Watanabe Asami
Music Ken Arai
Animation Produced by C-Station
Release Dates
OVA 1 27 July 2016
OVA 2 21 September 2016

2 OVAs were released on 27 July 2016 and 21 September 2016 respectively. The first OVA includes the insert songs Because you're there and The Finale to our Chest. The second OVA includes MVs for ☆☆Eien★STAGE☆☆ & Caribbean Groove.

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The stage for Ayanagi Festival has finally ended, and Ayanagi Gakuen has celebrated the new year. The day has now come for the Kao Council to finish their last work and leave the Ayanagi Hall, and to show their gratitude, the students of each star team will do a performance for the 'Graduation Ceremony'. For the students of the star team-- it's genuinely the 'Final Farewell'. Even though Hoshitani and the others entered the Musical department, "Past ・Team Otori Otori" has no rights to participate in the 'Graduation Ceremony' as Kao Council has expelled Otori. What action will Hoshitani and the others take......?

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