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Nayuki Toru
Name Nayuki Toru
Japanese 那雪 透
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 160cm
Birthday 23 January
Blood type A
Family Nayuki Yuki (Younger Sister)
Nayuki Tsumugi (Younger Sister)
Professional Statistics
Team Team Otori
School Ayanagi Gakuen High School Division

Ayanagi Gakuen Middle School Division (Previously)

Department Musical Department (Candidate)

Vocal Department (Previously)

Class 1-A (Season 1)


First Appearance
Manga Chapter 0: Prologue
Anime Season 1 Act 1
Anime Ono Kensho

"I have to wake him up? There's no use pulling his cheek, shall I hit him with my frying pan?" - Nayuki Toru


Nayuki has a soft, and kind demeanor. This is supported by his soft yellow eyes and cream-coloured hair that is slightly curled at the ends. His bangs are also slightly curled to the left.

Nayuki in his school uniform.

Nayuki wears his school uniform in the proper way.

In his training attire, he wears a black zip hoodie with white trims on the pockets and a white line that starts at his shoulders and goes all the way down the sleeves. His hoodie is zipped all the way up and he wears a yellow t-shirt inside. He wears a pair of black shorts and a pair of black dancing shoes.


Nayuki is somewhat timid at times but is a friendly and supportive person. He is helpful as seen when Hoshitani asked for his help in finding Tengenji's cat. Nayuki also attempts to be a peacemaker whenever there is a major conflict.

It's revealed in Season 1 Act 11 (and seen in parts of Season 1 Act 1) that Nayuki is more insecure with himself than he originally let on. Part of the reason he became friends with Hoshitani was because he thought Hoshitani could pull the weaker him along. For this and for making other assumptions about him, Nayuki apologizes.


Nayuki having a stage fright during a performance.

Ever since he was young, Nayuki has had extreme stage fright. He would screw up the important part of any actual performance that he did.


Hoshitani helping Nayuki when the two first met.

Hoshitani Yuta

Nayuki was the first friend that Hoshitani made at Ayanagi Gakuen. They first met when Hoshitani helped Nayuki pick up his student card after he tripped. Hoshitani later encouraged Nayuki during the auditions for the Musical Department. At the end of their first day, they found out that they are also roommates. The two quickly became friends.

During the Ayanagi Festival, Nayuki confessed to Hoshitani that he really liked him because of how Hoshitani had helped him and their teammates with their problems and how he turned them into a real team. Nayuki looks up to Hoshitani as an inspiration. He supports and trains with Hoshitani during Hoshitani's special training. Hoshitani notes that Nayuki is a bit like his mother when Nayuki does things like waking him up and making bento for him.

Whenever the other members insult or refuse Hoshitani's actions, Nayuki will stand by Hoshitani's side unless it was something that Hoshitani has really done wrong.

Nayuki telling Tengenji about Hoshitani's extra practice.

Tengenji Kakeru

During their first practice where they had to improvise, Tengenji acknowledges that Nayuki is pretty good for an ordinary person.

One morning, after seeing Hoshitani off for cleaning duties, Nayuki overhears something from Tengenji's room. Moving closer, he hears what he describes as "sweet nothings" and drops Hoshitani's lunch in shock, assuming that Tengenji was in his room with a woman. This led to Nayuki thinking that Tengenji was not trustworthy.

When Tengenji's cat goes missing, Nayuki assists Hoshitani throughout the entire night in order to find him. The next morning, he and Hoshitani are told by a frantic Tengenji that his cat had come back the night before and thanked the two for trying their hardest to help him. Nayuki then realizes that Tengenji was referring to his cat when he overheard him that morning and changes the subject before Hoshitani can fully explain the misunderstanding.

Kuga Shu

Nayuki offering some food to Kuga.

Hoshitani and Nayuki chanced upon him playing the piano one time during lunch. Hoshitani suggested that they dance to Kuga's playing. Kuga refused, stating his noodles would turn soggy. Nayuki was surprised to hear that was all he was eating for lunch and offered rice balls to him which he accepted. When Hoshitani offers Kuga to practice with them, Kuga says he will if he has the time.

Tsukigami Kaito

Tsukigami trying to calm Nayuki down.

The two knew each other since middle school. Nayuki knows how much Tsukigami hates talking about his older brother.

Tatsumi Rui

The two knew each other from middle school and are able to exchange greetings with each other.

Sawatari Eigo

The two knew each other from middle school and are able to exchange greetings with each other.

Toraishi Izumi

Toraishi likes to eat the food that Nayuki makes ever since eating it for the first time during summer camp. Fondly addressing Nayuki as Nayuki-chan, he exclaims happily whenever there is an invitation from Team Otori for meals or Nayuki agreeing to make food for him. He even states that Nayuki would have been perfect wife if he wasn't a guy.

Nayuki Yuki & Tsumugi

Yuuki and Tsumugi forcing Nayuki to drink their family's special recipe tea.

Yuki and Tsumugi are shown to be concerned about their older brother, Nayuki. From walking with him on his first day of school to giving him the family's secret recipe tea to calm his nerves, they would gladly help him out. In turn, Nayuki deeply cares about his sisters. He tried to punch Tengenji, saying he wouldn't let him lay a finger on his sister after Tengenji called Yuki to ask her to lend him her body (although this was revealed to be a misunderstanding). However, Nayuki does see them as a last resort for help as he knows how much of a handful they are to deal with due to their personalities.


  • Nayuki means "what" (那) (na) and "snow" (雪) (yuki).
  • Toru means "transparent, permeate, filter, penetrate" (透).


Nayuki sleeping with his stuffed dolphin.

  • His Zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • He is roommates, classmates, and teammates with Hoshitani.
  • His bed is the bottom bunk.
  • He enjoys cooking.
  • He has a blue stuffed dolphin in his room which he sleeps with.
  • His favorite animal is the hamster.[1]
  • The Nayuki family's secret recipe tea helps him in calming down his nervousness. However, it also causes the drinker to pass out immediately after drinking it.
  • He was in the Home Economics Club during Middle School. A legendary on top of that.
  • As shown in Season 2 Act 7, his icon in the group chat is a picture of the snowman given to him by Hoshitani and Tengenji as a birthday present.
  • In 'AYANAGI Animal Park Series', his animal motif is the chick.
  • In 'AYANAGI April Fools Series', he is a sous chef at Hotel Otori.
  • In 'AYANAGI IF Series' post card set, he is a host. He also appears in his teammates' cards as a cactus, a mariachi player, a schoolgirl, and a panda.
  • In 'AYANAGI IF Series' featured on the inner cover of Season 1 Volume 1, he is a Mafia member and his weapon of choice is a sawed-off shotgun.
  • For the 'Star-Myu Halloween Party in 池袋P'PARCO' event, he dressed up as a witch.
  • The second track in Season 1 Volume 1 Special Drama CD is titled after his name 'Nayuki Toru'.
  • Based on Season 1 Volume 1 Special Drama CD:
    • His alcohol tolerance is very weak. He can get drunk simply by eating liquor chocolate. While intoxicated, his character unexpectedly switches between being silly and being rather aggressive.
    • He frequently writes letters to his family at home, instead of emails or text messages.
  • Based on Star-Myu Q&A Volume 1:
    • People's first impression of him is that he looks sleepy.
    • He is confident in his food.
    • His weakness is his nervousness.
    • His nicknames in middle school were 'Yuki' (snow), 'Yuuki', and other names that are related to 'snow'.
    • He is good at unicycle.
    • In his report card, 'be more positive' is usually written.
    • He cannot forgive someone if they say bad things about his family.
    • The first thing he does in the morning is to brush his teeth and wash his face.
    • His favorite food is Si Chu An style Mapo Tofu with the spiciness up a notch.
    • Back at home, during his day off, he would make morning, noon and evening meals.
    • He claims that he has a lot of flaws.
    • His favourite place is the kitchen.
    • When he is depressed, he would put his mind into making food. It helps to clear his mood.
    • He wants to be good friends with Hoshitani.
    • He is good at music and home economics.
    • He is bad at physical education; in particular, ball games.
    • Between sleep and meals, he prefers to sleep. He likes it better if he could make the meal.
    • His favourite type of girl is someone who cherishes family.
    • His favourite drink is jasmine tea as it has a relaxing effect.
    • He is not good with his hands (but his sisters are).
    • His favourite weather is snowy days.
    • Last words: "Umm... Thank you very much for stopping to read this far. Right now, there's a place that I can't reach, but I'll still try my hardest!"
  • Meaning of Nayuki's name:
    • 那 (Na) : what
    • 雪 (Yuki) : snow
    • 透 (Toru) : transparent, permeate, filter, penetrate,to go through

List of Songs

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Title Appearance Notes
MY FRIEND ~If You are Satisfied With Me~ (MY FRIEND ~僕でよければ~ MY FRIEND ~Boku de Yokereba~?) Season 1 Act 2


Seishun COUNTDOWN ~Nayuki Solo Ver.~ (星瞬COUNTDOWN ~那雪ソロVer.~ Seishun COUNTDOWN ~Nayuki Soro Ver.~?) ☆SHOW TIME 12☆ Solo
Blue Sky SEASON (青空SEASON Aozora SEASON?) ☆2nd SHOW TIME 3☆ with Tsukigami Kaito, Tatsumi Rui and Sawatari Eigo
Hanamichi ∞ Go All Out!! (花道 ∞ Go All Out!! Hanamichi ∞ Go All Out!!?) Season 2 Act 4

☆2nd SHOW TIME 4☆

with Hoshitani Yuta, Tengenji Kakeru, Kuga Shu, Toraishi Izumi and Ugawa Akira
Dream Bud (ユメツボミ Yume Tsubomi?) Season 2 Act 9

☆2nd SHOW TIME 9☆


with Ugawa Akira

Staccato・March (スタッカート・マーチ Sutakkāto Māchi?) ☆2nd SHOW TIME 9☆ Duet

with Hoshitani Yuta

Gift ~Curtain Call~ (Gift ~カーテンコール~ Gift ~Kātenkōru~?) Season 2 Act 12

☆2nd SHOW TIME 12☆

with all cast members
Horizon (ホリゾント Horizonto?) OVA 3 with Hoshitani Yuta and Tsukigami Kaito
High School Star Musical -On Stage- (高校星歌劇 -オンステージ- Koukou Hoshi Kageki -On Sutēji-?) Season 3 Act 12

☆3rd SHOW TIME 12☆

with team Hoshitani
We are Ayanagi Academy's Kao Council ~NEXT STAGE~ ( 我ら、綾薙学園華桜会~NEXT STAGE~ Warera, Ayanagi Gakuen Kao Kai ~NEXT STAGE~?) Season 3 Act 12

☆3rd SHOW TIME 12☆

with team 2nd Years


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