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Kitahara Ren
Name Kitahara Ren
Japanese 北原 廉
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Birthday 22 April
Blood type B
Family Kana Rihotome (girlfriend)
Professional Statistics
Team Team Sazanami
School Ayanagi Gakuen High School Division

Ayanagi Gakuen Middle School Division (Previously)

Department Musical Department
Class 2-MS
First Appearance
Anime Season 2 Act 1
Anime Umehara Yuichiro

"It's Izumi. Geez, the same room and the same class, it's getting tiresome indeed. Guilty." - Kitahara Ren


Kitahara has red-purple hair and Persian green eyes.

In his school uniform, Kitahara wears the school's vest with his tie loose and blazer folded up to his elbows.

In his training attire, he wears a Persian green t-shirt and a pair of black pants which stops below his knee. His training jacket is tied around his waist and he wears black dancing shoes.


Kitahara seems to be lazy and condescending at first, as he doesn't try his hardest to win the part in the 'Shadow and Lights' musical - believing he will get the role even if he doesn't try. He has a habit of pointing out people's flaws, calling Toraishi and Hoshitani 'carefree bees' and casually accusing people of being 'guilty'. However, once motivated, he is a very hard worker who allows no one to stand between him and his goal.




  • His Zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • He is roommates with Toraishi.
  • During middle school, his roommate was Tsukigami.
  • Based on Star-Myu Q&A Volume 4:
    • Sazanami's first impression of him was that he had a good build, Nanjo said he had cute eyes. He isn't sure about it but he knows he has a good face.
    • He has good fighting spirit but he can never win against his police officer father and senpai.
    • His weak point is thinking that his father and senpai are stronger than him.
    • He is often called Ren.
    • He prefers traveling by car since it is the easiest.
    • Usually in his report book will be contact information of people who wishes to get to know his two sisters.
    • He cannot forgive when it is not too hot?
    • The first thing he does is to check his phone when he wakes up.
    • He favorite food is nerimono.
    • He spends his days off by messing with Izumi, meeting with his teammates, going to the gym or a part time job.
    • One bad thing about him is studying, but he will do it for Ayanagi as the people here are too smart.
    • His favorite place is his workplace as he like acting and modeling since the tension is always high.
    • He relieves stress by messing with Izumi, Ugawa and Hachiya. They will always fall for it.
    • What he wishes to do is to make Izumi stop talking with his girlfriend on the phone since it is also his private time too.
    • He is good at P.E. and music which earns a comment that he is the same as Inumine from Toraishi.
    • Toraishi laughs at him when he talks about the subjects he is bad at.
    • He prefers sleeping over eating.
    • His favorite drink is hot barley tea since it is cheap and can get it in a bottle.
    • He is dexterous with his hands and repairs his own clothes and shoes by himself.
    • He never thought about the weather but isn't sunny normal?
    • Last words: "Well, I'll take the second year training with no problem, but I'm worried about getting bored because it'll be too easy to win. Guilt!"
    • Kana says Ren is someone you can count on
  • Meaning of Kitahara's name:
    • 北 (Minami) : North
    • 原 (Hara) : original
    • 廉 (Ren) : grounds, suspicion

List of Songs

  • TERRITORY (Duet with Toraishi Izumi)[1]
  • FACE-OFF (with Kuga Shuu and Toraishi Izumi)[2]
  • REFLECTION (Duet with Nanjo Koki)[3]
  • Storytellers (with Ageha Riku, Hachiya So and Nanjo Koki)[4]
  • Gift ~Ageha x Hachiya x Kitahara x Nanjo Ver.~ (Gift ~揚羽×蜂矢×北原×南條Ver.~ Gift ~Ageha x Hachiya x Kitahara x Nanjo Ver.~?) (with Ageha Riku, Hachiya So and Nanjo Koki)[5]
  • Gift ~Curtain Call~ (Gift ~カーテンコール~ Gift ~Kātenkōru~?) (with all cast members)[6]


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