Hiragi Sougen
Name Hiragi Sougen
Japanese 柊 宗厳
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Otori Itsuki (Grandson)

Hiragi Tsubasa (Grandson)

Professional Statistics
School Ayanagi Gakuen (Director)
First Appearance
Anime Season 1 Act 9
Anime Shimada Bin

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Due to his old age, Sougen has grey hair that is combed and gelled to the right. He also has yellow eyes and a moustache.

Sougen is seen wearing a white shirt that is unbuttoned on the top and grey dress pants. Underneath, he wears a maroon turtleneck and a black blazer over it. He carries a cane to aid him in walking.

Personality Edit

Sougen is a strict person as seen from teaching Hiragi Tsubasa to be the heir of the Hiragi family. He is also seen to be very indifferent as he told Hiragi to forget about his real family as he is now a member of the Hiragi family.

History Edit

Otori family is a branch of the Hiragi family and Hiragi was originally part of the Otori family, going by the name Otori Tsubasa. One day, Sougen appointed Tsubasa as the heir of the Hiragi family. Tsubasa had to be separated from his family and live with the Hiragi family.

Sougen undersees most of the training that Hiragi took in order to take over Ayanagi Gakuen. Once, Hiragi made a mistake on the piano and he hit Hiragi on the hand with his cane, ordering him to play through the piece again.

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