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Hachiya So
Name Hachiya So
Japanese 蜂矢 聡
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 178cm
Birthday 26 August
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Team Yuzuriha
School Ayanagi Gakuen High School Division
Department Musical Department
Class 2-MS
First Appearance
Anime Season 2 Act 1
Anime Takanashi Kengo

"What's wrong? Try talking to Tsukigami-kun. After all, you feel a sense of rivalry with him right?'" - Hachiya So






  • Hachiya means "bee" (蜂) (hachi) and "arrow" (矢) (ya).
  • So means "intelligent, clever, bright" (聡).


  • His Zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • The second track in Season 2 Volume 4 Special Drama CD is titled after his name 'Hachiya So'.
  • Based on Star-Myu Q&A Volume 4:
    • When he was a child, he was often mistaken as a girl and once he was scouted.
    • He feels confident if he is able to increase Ageha's skill.
    • His weakness is being in an unstable place. He is aware of it.
    • His nickname in middle school is Regrettable Ikemen. He says that saying that he is Ikemen is too nice but he doesn't get the regrettable part.
    • Doesn't have a preference mode of travel since no matter what step he takes he will end up falling down. He is fine as long as he reaches the place safe and sound.
    • In his report book, the comments are often saying that he is often distracted.
    • He hasn't been angry for much of his life so he cannot think what can be unforgivable.
    • He greets Ageha first thing in the morning. However, Ageha often wakes up at random times and sometimes he is not in the room.
    • He likes eating rice balls, sandwiches, or anything you hold in your hand. He often drops chopsticks and forks, hits his head when he is in a hurry to pick it up. He also says that hot foods are dangerous too.
    • He spends his days off to take Ageha to the school's cafeteria or eat school meals or he will forget to eat his meals. And often wonders if Ageha ever feels hungry or not.
    • One bad thing about him is that he is too overdoing. Kitahara says that he is a donkus.
    • His favorite place is team Yuzuriha's practice place. He says it is due to the nature of his sign to miss the place since he has advanced to the second year.
    • After intense practice sessions, he would drink the tea that Mr. Lio (Yuzuriha) has brewed to relax.
    • He looks forward to practice with his new classmates and would like the new term to begin soon. He is worried that Ageha would not make any new friends and hopes he does make friends.
    • He is good at music and says that the rest of the subjects are the same.
    • He is bad at P.E. but finds that he is able to dance a salvation.
    • He prefers eating as he finds sleeping is only for a short time and it's fine.
    • He likes all drinks but finds that he would likely spill it. He is cautious of hot drinks.
    • He is clumsy.
    • His favorite weather is sunny days as he would feel the safest. On a snowy day, a step he takes is equivalent to 10 steps.
    • Last words: "Team Yuzuriha members are [one heart]. As usual, I would like to support Ageha our top star firmly...! Together with Ageha, let's lively perform, and I'll do my best to co-star with Mr. Lio."

List of Songs

  • Nervous-aid (Duet with Ageha Riku)[1]
  • Storytellers (with Ageha Riku, Kitahara Ren and Nanjo Koki)[2]
  • Gift ~Ageha x Hachiya x Kitahara x Nanjo Ver.~ (Gift ~揚羽×蜂矢×北原×南條Ver.~ Gift ~Ageha x Hachiya x Kitahara x Nanjo Ver.~?) (with Ageha Riku, Kitahara Ren and Nanjo Koki)[3]
  • Gift ~Curtain Call~ (Gift ~カーテンコール~ Gift ~Kātenkōru~?) (with all cast members)[4]


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