「Star-Myu」Fes. 2017
Name 「Star-Myu」Fes. 2017
Japanese 「スタミュ」Fes.2017
Date 8 October 2017
「Star-Myu」Fes.2017(「スタミュ」Fes.2017, 「Sutamyu」Fes.2017) is an event that is going to be held on 8 October 2017, at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 7~8 Hall. There is a total of 2 sessions, day and night sessions. Priority tickets for the purchase of event tickets can be obtained thru a lottery. The lottery tickets can be obtained by purchasing the season 2's limited edition DVD of volume 1 (Noon Session) & 2 (Night Session).

The following has been announced during the event:

  • StarMyu Season 1 Blu-ray Box will be out on sale during Spring 2018.
  • Musical 「StarMyu」 will have a sequel production in July 2018.
  • A new OVA will be out in October 2018.
  • TV anime 「StarMyu」 Season 3 will be out in 2019.

List of Seiyuu & GuestEdit

Tv Anime 「Star-Myu(Season 2)」EventEdit

Musical 「Star-Myu」EventEdit




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