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Team Otori, Team Hiragi,
Otori Itsuki & Hiragi Tsubasa
Released August 05, 2015
Produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment
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☆☆Eien★STAGE☆☆ is the first drama CD released for the Star-Myu anime. The CD contains ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ performed by Team Otori and was used as the ending theme for episode 12 and insert song for episode 14. There is also a solo version performed by Hoshitani Yuta.


  1. ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ (☆☆永遠★STAGE☆☆ ☆☆Eien★Sutēji☆☆?)
  2. ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆(Hoshitani Solo Version) (☆☆永遠★STAGE☆☆ (星谷ソロバージョン) ☆☆Eien★Sutēji☆☆(Hoshitani Soro Bājon)?)
  3. Prologue: "Kao Council" (プロローグ:『華桜館にて』 Purorōgu: “Hana Zakura-kan Nite”?)
  4. Act 1: "Year 1 Class A" (第1幕:『1年A組にて』 Dai 1-Maku: “1-Nen A-Gumi Nite”?)
  5. Act 2: "Year 1 Class B" (第2幕:『1年B組にて』 Dai 2-Maku: “1-Nen B-Gumi Nite”?)
  6. Act 3: "Year 1 Class C" (第3幕:『1年C組にて』 Dai 3-Maku: “1-Nen C-Gumi Nite”?)
  7. Cast Free Talk (キャストフリートーク Kyasutofurītōku?)

Drama CD


Act 1『Year 1 Class A』
I am Hoshitani Yuta. It was in the autumn of my second year of middle school when I was worrying about which high school to attend. However, at the Ayanagi Academy festival, I had my fateful encounter! Even though I say "encounter," I was only watching it alone. On an empty stage, a high schooler was dancing in the middle of the sparkling rain. I don't know his face or his name. I aspired to be like him and wanting to get into the same school, I studied my hardest! And this Spring, or rather yesterday, I entered Ayanagi Academy. Even when that was such a great thing...
[In class]
Nayuki: Ho-Hoshitani-kun, calm down...
Hoshitani: I can't calm down! Nayuki, we've passed the Musical Department audition!
Nayuki: A-Ah, anyway, sit down. Everyone is looking at you...
Hoshitani: Oh, you're right. But why are you so frightened?
Nayuki: I said it earlier didn't I? I have extreme stage fright and I'm bad at standing out.
Hoshitani: It's amazing that you would try to enter this school.
Nayuki: Ha... I think that too.
Hoshitani: Haha, but we've passed the auditions! It might've been a miracle or luck, but still I'm happy!
Nayuki: Y-yeah! Me too! I'm actually... really happy!
Hoshitani: Nayuki!
Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun!
[Murmurs and stares from the class]
Hoshitani: Ah, maybe that caught too much attention...
Nayuki: ...Haha....
Hoshitani: Sorry for surprising you all!
[Everyone continues what they were doing]
Both: Whew....
Nayuki: But I really can't believe it. I was totally frightened during the auditions and thought that I wouldn't pass!
Hoshitani: I thought that I was a goner too.
Nayuki: Even so, why did we pass? And we didn't just pass, we made it into a Star Team! We get to be mentored by a senpai from the Kao Council! I'm starting to feel dizzy...
Hoshitani: Nayuki, are you okay?!
Nayuki: Y-yeah.
Hoshitani: Oh right! On the noticeboard outside with all our names , it said "Team Otori" next to it right? Is Otori the one who chose to mentor us?
Nayuki: That's right. He's called Otori Itsuki-senpai. Did you know, the Kao Council usually consists of four members, but Otori-senpai entered as the newly established fifth member! Isn't he great?
Hoshitani: Heh... we get to learn under him. I want to quickly meet Otori-senpai! I can't wait for practice to start!
Nayuki: Don't you feel anxious? At all?
Hoshitani: Why would I? I passed the Musical Department auditions, so I'm happy!
Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun, that's just like you.
Hoshitani: Eh? Really? I'm also excited to meet the other members.
Nayuki: Other members? You mean from Team Otori?
Hoshitani: Yeah! Do you know what kind of people they are? I hardly know any of them.
Nayuki: Um, you know Tengenji-kun right? We are in the same class.
Hoshitani: Ah, "the noble of the kabuki world"... was it?
Nayuki: Yeah. There's also Tsukigami-kun and... Kuga-kun? Both of them are in the neighbouring B class. I've never met Kuga-kun but I went to the same middle school as Tsukigami-kun.
Hoshitani: Ah, then you're acquaintances?
Nayuki: No, Tsukigami-kun is on a totally different level from me. Tsukigami-kun was famous in our school and would probably not know about me.
Hoshitani: So it would be our first meeting together. I barely talked with Tengenji yesterday.
Nayuki: That's right.
Hoshitani: Ah! Then for the sake of our friendship, lets have a congratulatory party with the five of us!
Nayuki: Eh? A congratulatory party?
Hoshitani: For passing the audition! For example, eating dinner somewhere after school! There's still a week to go before the first practice, and so it'd be nice to get to know each other like teammates before then.
Nayuki: That's a good idea, but...
Hoshitani: You're not interested?
Nayuki: No, that's not it. It's just, suddenly having a party is a bit... I'd get really nervous....
Hoshitani: Haha, Nayuki you're too anxious!
Nayuki: Sorry....
Hoshitani: Then, how about this? After we have our first practice, let's all eat together.
Nayuki: Yeah, I'd be less nervous that way.
Hoshitani: Then it's decided!
Nayuki: Yeah! Ah, we need to ask the others too.
Hoshitani: Right. Eh, Tengenji... [Looks around] isn't here yet?
[Doors open]
Nayuki: Ah, there he is!
Hoshitani: Tengenji!!!
Tengenji: Oh it's you again, you boor. How many times do I have to tell you to stop being so familiar with m-
Reporter: Tengenji-kun! We're from the Public Relations department!
Tengenji: Again....
[Camera shutters]
Reporter: Congratulations on passing the auditions! Can I have an interview with you? A word about your enthusiasm for Musical Department?
Tengenji: Uh, I have practice now!
[Runs off]
Reporter: Tengenji-kun! Wait!
[Runs after Tengenji]
Hoshitani: Oh, he ran away...
Nayuki: Tengenji-kun has been constantly chased by the Public Relations department since yesterday. It must be hard being famous.
Hoshitani: What a shame... I wanted to talk to him and get along better. Oh well, I can approach him during break times!
Nayuki: Hoshitani-kun. you're really positive aren't you?
Hoshitani: Huh?
Nayuki: [Giggles] As I thought, that's just like you.


☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆ [1]





       幕が開く!ガムシャラにシャララにAre you OK?
       Keep on dreaming!
       さあ行こう!アドリブを決めたらBrand new moment!



       見逃せない!いざなう明日[あす]へのNOW!Ride on! Come on!
       We will rock you!
       太陽もスポットライトだね To be shining!
       届けたい Show time!

       白いページ!鮮やかに彩るDance & Music
       アコガレをアンコール 全身全霊!

       One! Two! Step up!
       さあ行こう!アドリブを決めたらBrand new moment!

       Kono basho de hajimaru monogatari
       Ima kara doki doki ga tomaranai
       Jinbun no kabe nante
       Koete iku
       Oretachi wa

       Umaku wa fume na katta suteppu mo
       Sukoshi wa mada mashi ni natta darou
       Hito shirezu nagashita ase wa
       Uragiri wa shinai
       Zettai ni ne!

       Saidai no chansu tourai
       Yuzurenai mune no pride
       Yume to yume tsunagete jidai no kaze ni nore

       Maku ga aku! Gamushara ni sha la la ni Are you OK?
       Seishun no scenario wa
       Zenbu orijinaru
       Keep on dreaming!
       Saa ikou! Adoribu wo kimetara Brand new moment!
       Ichiban no
       Hohoemi wo
       Minna ni misetai
       Kagayaki e shoutai!

       Misu sae tsuyosa e no pureryuudo
       Tameiki no noizu mo kaki keshite
       Tamesareta kazu de migaita
       Kokoro no kagami

       Mikansei na miraizu
       Takanatta kodou ga aizu
       Kizuna kara kizuna e negai wa rinku suru

       Minogasenai! Izanau asu e NOW! Ride on! Come on!
       Mainichi ga audition
       Sekai e apiiru
       We will rock you!
       Taiyou mo supottolaito da ne To be shining!
       Tokimeki wo
       Kimochi wo hitotsu ni
       Todoketai Show time!

       Shiroi peeji! Azayaka ni irodoru Dance & Music
       Akogare wo ankouru zenshin zenrai!

       One! Two! Step up!
       Saa ikou! Adoribu wo kimetara Brand new moment!
       Ichiban no hohoemi wo minna ni misetai
       Youkoso kagayaki e!!

       The story starts in this place
       Starting now my heart won't stop beating
       We will
       Our own limits

       I can't do the steps right
       I guess I should get a little better
       This sweat running in secret
       Won't betray me
       That's for sure!
       Let's make the best of this opportunity
       With an unwavering pride in my chest
       Let's connect our dreams and ride our era's gust of wind
       The curtain is rising! Making a lazy sha la la
       Are you OK?
       The youth's scenario is
       entirely original
       Keep on dreaming!
       Now, let's go! Once we decide alibing
       Brand new moment!
       The best
       I want to show everyone
       A shining showtime!



  • ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆
    • Performer: Team Otori
  • ☆☆forever★STAGE☆☆(Hoshitani Solo Version)
    • Performer: Hoshitani Yuta (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
  • Prologue: Kao Council
    • Cast: Otori Itsuki (CV: Suwabe Junichi) & Hiragi Tsubasa (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
  • Act 1: Year 1 Class A[2]
    • Cast: Hoshitani Yuta (CV: Hanae Natsuki), Nayuki Toru (CV: Ono Kensho), Tengenji Kakeru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), Public Relations Department (CV: Murata Taishi)
  • Act 2: Year 1 Class B[2]
    • Cast: Tsukigami Kaito (CV: Lounsbery Arthur), Tengenji Kakeru (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), Kuga Shu (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), Public Relations Department (CV: Murata Taishi)
  • Act 3: Year 1 Class C[2]
    • Cast: Tatsumi Rui (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko), Sawatari Eigo (CV: Uchida Yuuma), Inumine Seishiro (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki), Toraishi Izumi (CV: KENN), Ugawa Akira (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)


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