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• 12/6/2016
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• 12/30/2018

This was mine.

For example, Tsubasa (from what I remember) was more into actually preserving the school not for "himself" or even logical reasons, but for others ( mostly Fe ) (ISFJ)

Kuga Shu has the Lone Wolf personality, "loyalty" in itself isn't controlled by any function. (Well, Si is quite about aestethic and "sure things". He seemed not of that kind) ( ISTP )

Tsukigami Haruto being based on actions is actually a "merit" to say he is a TJ type. He is both mysterious and has that tertiary and powerful Fi in his sensibility about being compared to his brother. ( INTJ )

Tatsumi Rui is is like the "typical leader" sporting an actually "light personality" and actually good social skills (ENTJ) (INTJs are usually less skilled than that in social things)

Tengenji Kakeru actually has the tradition-following part and the "liking" of his own aesthetics ( his kimonos are particular, from what I remember (?)) (ESTJ)


It's quite some time, tho, I don't followi the anime.

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